The Dietary Intervention Studies are required to evaluate the biological activity of diets with different levels of nutrients or compounds and nutraceutical ingredients that can complement a regular supply and make it functional.

These compounds are naturally present in foods, and for this reason are generally defined safe for health (GRAS, Generally Recognized As Safe).

The DIS aim to evaluate the effect of these compounds, taken in purified forms and adequate amounts for specific physiological and metabolic processes of the body, such as the immune or inflammatory response, glucose metabolism and oxidative status.



Nutrigene offers feeds and supplements with bioactivity validated according to European guidelines for animal protection, applying “3R rules”** ethical principles:

Replace: utilize alternative methods to animal testing. Nutrigene prior to clinical trials makes in vitro sages with cellular cultures from biobank to asses compounds or nutraceuticals safety and not-toxicity.

Refine: Nutrigene pays great attention to planning dietary intervention studies, with the purpose of ensuring the health and well-being of dogs and that’s why breeders and private dogs owners are happy  to collaborate with us.

Reduce: Nutrigene ethical principle anyway has the aim of reducing animal utilization for studies.

** Directive 2010/63/eu of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 September 2010 on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes.

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